Saturday, January 28, 2006

Why not smear John McCain? 

My sole idea, in response to the current state of emergency and general insanity, is this:

I call on all Democratic, liberal, "progressive," and left-leaning elected officials, staffers, strategists, operatives, coordinators, functionaries, affiliates, henchmen, sympathizers, et al, to immediately launch a full-fledged and indefinitely prolonged smear campaign against John McCain: his person, character, mythology, record, history, family, friends, etc. etc. Smear John McCain. Let's get a nice early start, get it under way, and keep it going.

Anyone got any better ideas?

Update: I'm taking the liberty of promoting speakingcorpse's comment, so that it can be permanently enshrined in the archive:

Proposed smears (also known as "dirty wipes"):

1) He has cancer of the face.

2) He developed a disturbing taste for rice noodles while being held as a prisoner in Vietnam.

3) He likes to suck cock.

4) He has penguin wings instead of arms.

5) He is an African-American.


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