Friday, February 03, 2006

AmCop Salon 

I hereby formally (i.e., casually) propose the first meeting of a twice-monthly AmCop salon.

The purpose would be to meet every two weeks at a bar, drink beer, discuss the various topics discussed on this site, and, while getting progressively drunker, lament that if we only had the time (ha!) and discipline (haha!) to compile such thoughts in a book we'd have an instant six-figure contract from Random House.

I propose that, as the NYC AmCoppers reside primarily in Brooklyn and uptown (if by "uptown" you mean practically Yonkers), we compromise and meet in the village.

I propose the KGB Bar, which is actually the only bar in the Village that I know of where you can get a table, hear other people speak, not see a television, and not be subjected to any Irish theme or motif.

I propose, then, that the first meeting of the AmCop salon be held at the KGB Bar, on either Tuesday, February 7 or Thursday, February 9, at 9pm.

Who's in?


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