Friday, February 03, 2006

CNN pays Tom DeLay's Hand to Provide Tom DeLay with Regular Manual Relief 

Back during the good old days of the Clinton dick-frenzy, Cokie Roberts was heard to say (and I paraphrase from memory, but fairly) that Washington, D.C., after all the dust-ups had settled down, was basically a town full of people devoted to the public good--and given this common purpose, Clinton's sexual escapades just couldn't be tolerated. He just wasn't showing respect for the town and for the people who lived there.

And David Broder said (again, this is a rough but accurate quote) that Clinton "came to the place (the White House) and messed the whole place up, and it's not his place."

Roberts and Broder love Washington and love making that wonderful town tick. And it's the same unselfish and cooperative spirit that, no doubt, makes it possible for CNN to report comprehensively and fairly on the GOP bribery and money-laundering racket--even as CNN pays Tom DeLay's chief of staff to serve as the network's representative and lobbyist at GOP headquarters.

It's amazing how CNN is going out of its way to tell the American people the truth about this scandal--no matter what the consequences for CNN's bottom-line or for the influential friends of CNN executives. The first priority of CNN is obviously the news, and all these confusing back-channels and financial interconnections are really beside the point.

That's is what I love about America. Things can get hairy, but in the end, the system works.


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