Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Democrat strategists propose that Hillary Clinton shoot an elderly person in the face in order to prove that she, too, is strong on national security 

Just in case anyone forgot that the Democrat party is run by a bunch of blithering idiots, read this post by Digby.

What kind of mindless dementia results in the kind of "strategizing" referred to in this Salon article, quoted by Digby?

Typical was my lunch discussion earlier this week with a ranking Democratic Party official. Midway through the meal, I innocently asked how the "Big Brother is listening" issue would play in November. Judging from his pained reaction, I might as well have announced that Barack Obama was resigning from the Senate to sell vacuum cleaners door-to-door. With exasperation dripping from his voice, my companion said, "The whole thing plays to the Republican caricature of Democrats -- that we're weak on defense and weak on security." To underscore his concerns about shrill attacks on Bush, the Democratic operative forwarded to me later that afternoon an e-mail petition from MoveOn.org, which had been inspired by Al Gore's fire-breathing Martin Luther King Day speech excoriating the president's contempt for legal procedures.

A series of conversations with Democratic pollsters and image makers found them obsessed with similar fears that left-wing overreaction to the wiretapping issue would allow George W. Bush and the congressional Republicans to wiggle off the hook on other vulnerabilities. The collective refrain from these party insiders sounded something like this: Why are we so obsessed with the privacy of people who are phoning al-Qaida when Democrats should be screaming about corruption, Iraq, gas prices and the prescription-drug mess?

I know that there are are lots of good people in the party. But those good people aren't going to be able to do anything as long as the party is run by terminally stupid strategists who are probably also suicidal to boot.


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