Friday, February 17, 2006

Has anything good ever come out of Kansas? 

Must read: Jeff Sharlet's latest article in Rolling Stone, on Sam Brownback. A teaser:

After the service, Brownback introduces me to a white-haired man with a yellow Viking mustache. "This is the man who wrote 'Dust in the Wind,'" the senator announces proudly. It's Kerry Livgren of the band Kansas. Livgren has found Jesus and now worships with the senator at Topeka Bible. Brownback, one of the Senate's fiercest hawks on Israel, tells Livgren he wants to take him to the Holy Land. Whenever the senator met with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to talk policy, he insisted that they first study Scripture together. The two men would study their Bibles, music playing softly in the background. Maybe, if Livgren goes to Israel with Brownback, he could strum "Dust in the Wind." "Carry on my . . ." the senator warbles, trying to remember another song by his friend.

There's some amazing stuff about Brownback's role in the inner circle of the Family, the northern Virginia command center of the American imperialist Christofascist death machine, which was the subject of Sharlet's seminal 2003 expose "Jesus Plus Nothing."


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