Tuesday, March 28, 2006

holy fuck 

Joe Wilson crashes through the roof Uzi's blazin':

When the Democrats take control of congress, their first order of business needs to be crushing the neoconservatives out of power in every foreign policy arena. Drive a damn stake through the heart of every single one of them, whatever it takes. They have been wrong, fundamentally wrong, on every...single....position they have ever taken. They have not been right about one single thing.


The neocons need to be forced back into the dark holes from which they crawled. They are nothing but parasites who serve nobody and nothing but themselves who are using the Republican Party as a serving host.


It still amazes me when I still see that drunk Bill Kristol on tv every week still spewing the same nonsense he was spewing 3 years ago.


Zalmay Khalilzad? I'd like to punch him right in the face.


I was flying to Florida the other day and seated next to me was Wayne LaPierre, the head of the NRA, and I thought "ya know Wayne, I've finally come around to your way of thinking. I agree, I think every single person in this nation should be armed with a gun................to protect us from these assholes you keep in power."



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