Friday, March 24, 2006

Where's the shit? 

I hope you've been following the Ben Domenech scandal.

Remember how that stupid shit-conduit Deborah Howell, supposed ombuds-"person" for the Washington Post news periodical publication, was complaining because Dan Froomkin's smart White House Briefing column was "too liberal"? How this Howell slut hadn't even been responding to reader complaints (her job as ombuds-hole) and was instead complaining because some twenty-something wingnut-welfare-funded fuckwad dago punk named Patrick Ruffini was harassing the editors at the Post?

Well, two days ago the Post announced that this fuckface Domenech had been hired to "balance" Froomkin. Apparently, these two things are comparable in the view of Post online editor Jim Brady: an experienced journalist named Dan Froomkin who writes witty accounts of the briefings in the White House Press room, describing inconsistencies in White House claims and also giving links to other accounts of the briefings; and Ben Domenech, a 24-year-old who was "home-schooled," who dropped out of college, who went on to found a blog called Red State where under the name "Augustine" he posted racist rants and called Coretta Scott King a "communist," whose father was a high-level Republican operative and a White House employee and a business associate of Jack Abramoff...

All of this made Domenench perfectly qualified to write a blog for the Washington Post online, in the view of Jim Brady. But then it came out that Domenech had plagiarized literally dozens upon dozens of articles that were published in his college newspaper and in the National Review. Virtually everything that he published, in fact, was plagiarized. Funny the Post missed that. Now on the front page of the Post website is the announcement of Domenech's "resignation."

I thought I'd let Jim Brady and the other geniuses over at the Post know how I feel about their editorial practices. During another controversy involving ombuds-turd Howell (which erupted after she claimed that the Abramoff scandal was "bipartisan"), Brady yanked hundreds of comments from post.blog and slanderously claimed that they were "obscene." Screen-captures showed that none of them were.

I thought about that when I was considering what to say to Brady this time around. Let me know if you think Brady will be persuaded by the polite and rational argument presented in the note below:

"Domenech was good. He balanced journalism with SHIT. Don't you know that a real newspaper needs to publish as much or more PURE RANCID SHIT as it does actual truth? Where's the balance?

Brady: you are a FUCKING idiot. Do you understand? A FUCKING stupid FUCKING idiot.



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