Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Blicero Owes Rat a Big Fat Nickel 

Which, I'm a bit ashamed to say, is more than I contributed to political candidates this year.

But considering the $17,000 I spent for nothing in 2000, 2002, and 2004, I figure I'm still on the proper side of the balance.

Looks like America voted "Democrat"!

Now, it comes down to this: it's 2:21 a.m. and Webb is ahead by 12,000 votes. And the talking shitheads on the cable news networks are themselves declaring the inevitability of a recount in Virginia. You can bet that if Allen was ahead by even 47 votes, Wolf Blitzer would be demanding Webb's immediate concession and Jeff Greenfield would be preaching against the evils of dragging our great nation through the pain of a constitutional crisis. And you can bet that tomorrow's news will be wall-to-wall coverage of the "fraud" perpetrated by "urban" voters in Virginia.

But does anyone doubt that Webb won the vote by at least 4%? He MUST NOT CONCEDE under any circumstance.

Even when the armadas of Confederate flag-bearing Humvees are dispatched to Richmond to seize the Capitol.

UPDATE: CNN's late-night hosts just did a mini-segment on the "dirty campaigning" in VA, MO, and MD. If you had just tuned in to CNN but hadn't previously been following this election you would have been:
--informed that the FBI was currently investigating misleading and harrassing robo-calls in VA, but would have no clue which party had been conducting and paying for the calls;
--shown a clip of defeated candidate Harold Ford, Jr., imploring his supporters not to be angry, but no reference to the Corker television ad they might have been angry about;
--told of "misleading" information being distributed in Maryland, but no description of the material or mention of which party had distributed it.

This is your media. They just CANNOT say that the Rethugs lied, cheated, broke the law, and STILL LOST. They can't say it.

UPDATE: Why, as of 11:56 a.m., does CNN.com's homepage declare that Webb leads Allen by "fewer than 6,000 votes," when THEIR OWN NUMBERS show Webb leading by 8,132? WHY???

I know, this will all be irrelevant very soon when Felix Macacawitz Jr. is forced to concede that HE LOST.



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