Monday, November 20, 2006

Christ in Confederate Grey 

Rush out and purchase the December issue of Harper's, for Jeff Sharlet's latest: "Through a Glass Darkly: How the Christian Right Is Reimagining U.S. History."

It's not online yet so I can't excerpt it, but you can read Sharlet's latest other stuff at the fascinating website he edits, The Revealer.

Because I failed to read the Revealer last week, I missed Sharlet at the KGB Bar Radio Hour last Thursday,

with special guests 70s porn star Jamie Gillis, two Houdini biographers, me -- and surprise guest Steve Earle, one of my musical heroes and of special interest to Revealer readers for his 2002 song, "John Walker Blues." How did I earn a spot in such company? By not knowing that Ted Haggard was gay. But Steve Earle's brother, who works at the Colorado Springs airport, did.

and instead ended up at the KGB Bar Friday, where I saw a bad poetry reading.


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