Sunday, November 05, 2006

"Taking Responsibility" 


In the letter read Sunday, Haggard took responsibility for his actions, saying "I am guilty of sexual immorality" and noted that "the things I did opened the door for additional allegations."

"The things I did opened the door for additional allegations"? What the hell that does that mean? For what is he "taking responsibility"? If Haggard's statement were one of my students' essays, there would be a lot of brackets, a lot of question marks, a lot of scrawling in the margins.

He asked the congregation to also forgive his accuser, who Haggard said has revealed "the deception ... that was in my life."

To forgive his accuser OF WHAT? Making true statements?

An overflow congregation responded to the announcement with a standing ovation.

What are they applauding? That is, what do they think they're applauding? Do they have any sense of why they're standing and bringing their hands together to create percussive sounds?


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