Monday, January 29, 2007

Air America / Franken 

Good news--Air America has been purchased--which I guess means rescued--by Mark Green's brother.

For those of you not aware that Air America is "still on" in New York, it's still on, AM 1600, although the new lineup sucks: no Mike Malloy, no Garafolo, Maddow instead of Seder in the evening slot (though Maddow's good, and Seder's still on in the morning), and of course, Armstrong Williams, aka "Armie." W/r/t that, a commenter at TPM Cafe rightly notes:

The first step for the new ownership, after stabilizing AAR, has to be finding a new home for the "flagship" New York station. Let WWLR go back to being whatever it was before and find a station with a powerful signal and the ability to put decent people on the air, including Seder. Where we don't have to listen to AAR proclaiming Armstrong Williams is a progressive.

The other good/bad news is that, coinciding with the purchase, Al Franken will be leaving to pursue a Senate run against corpseflesheater Norm Coleman. This sucks because Franken is a great radio host and his absence will hurt. This is good because maybe Franken will beat Coleman, the SMLM* (Senate's Most Loathsome Member).

* Those of you who object that the SMLM is in fact Joe Lieberman (CFL-CT) should be aware that Lieberman (or as the chien would have it, "Liberman") occupies the esteemed SMLM-T chair, which signifies his status as the Senate's most transcendentally loathsome member. Coleman is merely most loathsome in the Senate's mundane sphere.


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