Wednesday, January 03, 2007

a little soapboxing 

The Intergalactica is over. I'm going to work up a post about it tonight. In the meantime, here's something I came across that seemed relevant to the previous discussion of armies and cops:

The globalization of markets erases borders for speculation and crime and multiplies them for human beings. Countries are obliged to erase their national borders for money to circulate, but to multiply their internal borders.

doesn't turn many countries into one country; it turns each country into many countries.
The lie of unipolarity and internationalization turns itself into a nightmare of war, a fragmented war, again and again, so many times that nations are pulverized. In this world, Power globalizes to overcome the obstacles to its war of conquest. National governments are turned into the military underlings of a new world war against humanity.

From the stupid course of nuclear armament--destined to annihilate humanity in one blow--it has turned to the absurd militarization of every aspect in the life of national societies--a militarization destined to annihilate humanity in many blows, in many places, and in many ways. What were formerly known as "national armies" are turning into mere units of a greater army, one that neoliberalism arms to lead against humanity. The end of the so-called Cold War didn't stop the global arms race, it only change the model for the merchandising of mortality: weapons of all kinds and sizes for all kinds of criminal tastes. More and more, not only are the so-called institutional armies armed, but also the armies' drug-trafficking builds up to ensure its reign. More or less reapidly, national societies are being militarized, and armies--supposedly created to protect their borders from foreign enemies--are turning their cannons and rifles around and aiming them inward.

It is not possible for neoliberalism to become the world's reality without the argument of death served up by instituitional and private armies, without the gag served up by prisons, without the blows and assassinations served up by the military and police. National repression is a necessary premise of the globalization neoliberalism imposes.

The more neoliberalism advances as a global system, the more numerous grow the weapons and the ranks of the armies and national police. The numbers of the imprisoned, the disappeared, and the assassinated in different countries also grows.

-- Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos
Closing remarks at the First Intercontinental Encuentro for Humanity and against Neoliberalism
August 3, 1996

from Our Word is Our Weapon


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