Monday, January 15, 2007

UK Snapshots 

Those of you who, like me, depended on the blog American Snapshots to gain some small glimpse through the ever-more-rapidly-contracting shutter of God's Dream Camera, will be pleased to know that the proprietor of AmSnaps, who now goes by the nom de guerre "Ben," has relocated to London, England, where he has reincarnated his blog as UK Snapshots. It must be read immediately, and often. Here's a bit of a teaser:


At an 8:15 "late show" of 'The Black Dahlia' at the Cineworld Hammersmith, a young mother stands in line with three boys of about 6 years, buying snacks for the film (about the disembowling of a bisexual aspiring starlet). She asks the kids what they want to order, and they all begin chanting, loudly, "Munch Box! Munch Box! Munch Box!" When it's finally her turn, she orders three "Munch Boxes" for the kids, which is a Cineworld theater-chain exclusive containing sweet popcorn, a small soda, and a balloon.

Now go to UK Snapshots and bookmark it.


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