Friday, February 02, 2007

Indiana is a Craphole 

For those of you who have been resisting my suggestion that Chicago is clearly the Blue team:

MANNING -- IT FIGURES. I knew I wasn’t crazy about Peyton Manning. To me, he’s a great 1980s quarterback -- a classic pocket passer with zero mobility who, if he has to run, looks like he’s carrying a beach chair on his back. He’s been very lucky to have a great offensive line that minimizes the number of hurries and sacks, because if he were playing behind five second-raters, he’d be only above average, or perhaps lost to injury every year by Week 9. To me, that’s always been reason enough to cheer against him in the big games.

Now, another reason. According to Kos diarist teenvote, we see that Manning gave $2,000 to Bush last cycle and maxed out ($4,000) to Bob Corker in Tennessee. The only political-checkbook-opening Bear that teenvote could find happened to be their biggest star, linebacker Brian Urlacher. He gave $1,000 to Democratic Congressman Luis Gutierrez. On top of that, who would you rather see happy: Barack Obama and Jan Schakowsky or Richard Lugar and Dan Burton? And on top of that, Chicago rocks really hard.


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