Sunday, February 04, 2007

rare footage of real human beings appears on TV machine 

Video clip of Peter Berdovsky and Sean Stevens, primary perpetrators of what is apparently being called the 2007 Boston Mooninite Scare.

Berdovsky and Stevens put up a bunch of advertisements for a new movie all over Boston. The ads were light-boards with a bunch of LED's depicting a character from the movie. Someone called the police afraid the ads might be bombs. The police, unable to determine reality, proceeded to shut down large parts of the city to prevent a terror attack. The devices had been up for nearly two-weeks, and had also been placed in ten other cities without incident.

Predictable breathless media bullshit ensued. Embarrassed officials claimed it was a "hoax" and arrested Berdovsky and Stevens on felony charges. Some of the media reports were so desperate for something titillating that they reported Berdovsky's dreadlocked hair as some sort of indicator of diabolical criminal perversity.

Which is why during their press-conference they insist on only discussing hairstyles. They were consequently widely condemned in the media, by officials, and blogging bluenoses for not taking the situation seriously.


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