Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Simple Answers to Simple Questions 

(with apologies to Atrios)

DONOHUE: Look, just hold on here. You had your time. Look, the kid's a phony and here's why. I dealt with him earlier today on an MSNBC show, and I said we could hypothesize that there'd be a Columbia University ping-pong team made of Asians, and somebody goes out there and says "All gooks go home." So I — I asked him about my gook joke. And guess what? Andy's — Andy's sense of humor just collapsed. He found that offensive. You see what you are? You're a phony. You're a typical Ivy League little brat who thinks it's OK to dump on Catholics, but you don't like my gook joke. Now, what's wrong with a gook joke?

What's wrong with your gook joke is that your gook joke isn't a "joke." It's just you saying the word "gooks."

This has been an edition of Simple Answers to Simple Questions.


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