Thursday, March 08, 2007

What is worse? 

1) a) Dick Cheney OR b) the blood-thinning agent that yesterday dissolved the dangerous blood-clot in Dick Cheney's leg

2) a) Heather Wilson OR b) Pete Domenici

3) a) Washington Post op-ed page editor Fred Hiatt OR b) Joseph Goebbels

4) a) shit OR b) death

5) a) Charles Manson OR b) Paul "Jerry" Bremer

6) a) Michael Chertoff OR b) Adolph Eichmann

7) a) Jim Jones OR b) the Rev. Pat Robertson

8) a) MSNBC consultant Rabbi Shmuley Boteach OR b) the Rev. Sun-Myung Moon

9) a) today OR) b) tomorrow

10) a) Joseph I. Lieberman OR b) an armed and launched intercontinental ballistic missile

11) a) George W. Bush "speaking" OR) b) Barbara Bush the elder "giving birth"

11) a) I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby OR b) G. Adolf "Pee-wee" Hitler

12) a) leprosy OR b) Judith Miller

13) a) Saturn Devouring one of his Sons (as represented by Goya) OR b) Rudolf Giuliani

14) a) day OR b) night

15) a) Condoleezza Rice OR b) the "Astronut" in adult diaper

16) a) a tapeworm OR b) Charles Krauthammer

17) a) Ehud Olmert OR b) the tumor on John McCain's "face"

18) a) a pornographic film starring Jeff Gannon OR b) Jeff Gannon

19) a) Scott McClellan attempting auto-fellatio OR b) Mitt Romney attempting to "pray"

20) a) Nancy Pelosi speaking about "issues of national security" OR b) 9-11-01


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