Thursday, April 12, 2007

George Bush soon to be possible 2012 Democratic party presidential candidate 

Pretty soon, if not already, the media will achieve unanimity on Bush, and then it will be clear that, in media-jargon, "many view Bush as the worst president ever."

Of course the media won't even recognize the possibility that they, too, bear responsibility for inflicting "the worst presidency ever" on Iraq, Lebanon, New Orleans, lower Manhattan, etc.

The media will be too busy praising Rudolph Giuliani for being an "independent-minded" Republican to engage in introspection. Giuliani, despite--or because of--the several severed heads hanging from his engorged genitals, will be "seen by many" as the perfect person to restore confidence and vigor to a more serious, more effective, more authoritative American "foreign policy." The pathetic, infantile Bush will be the perfect contrast to the manly, steely-eyed, "Churchillian" Giuliani.

At that point, Bush will, like Imus, be getting what he deserves, while at the same time achieving absolute moral superiority over his media tormentors.


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