Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Global Likudization 

This is from a widely-circulated column that Naomi Klein published in the Guardian in 2004, before Ariel Sharon finally fulfilled his true purpose.


Russian President Vladamir Putin is so fed up with being grilled over his handling of the Beslan catastrophe that he lashed out at foreign journalists on Monday. “Why don't you meet Osama bin Laden, invite him to Brussels or to the White House and engage in talks,” he demanded, adding that, “No one has a moral right to tell us to talk to child-killers.”

Mr. Putin is not a man who likes to be second guessed. Fortunately for him, there is still at least one place where he is shielded from all the critics: Israel. On Monday, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon warmly welcomed Russian Foreign Minister Sergie Lavrov for a meeting about strengthening ties in the fight against terror. “Terror has no justification, and it is time for the free, decent, humanistic world to unite and fight this terrible epidemic,” Mr. Sharon said.

...sympathy alone does not explain the unqualified outpourings of solidarity for Russia coming from Israeli politicians this week. In addition to Mr. Sharon’s pronouncements, Israel’s Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom commented that the massacre showed that “There is no difference between terror in Beersheba and terror in Beslan.”

...The underlying message is unequivocal: Russia and Israel are engaged in the very same war, one not against Palestinians demanding their right to statehood, or against Chechens demanding their independence, but against “the global Islamic terror threat.” Israel, as the elder-statesman, is claiming the right to set the rules of war. Unsurprisingly, the rules are the same ones Sharon uses against the Intifada in the occupied territories. His starting point is that Palestinians, though they may make political demands, are actually only interested in the annihilation of Israel. This goes beyond states’ standard refusal to negotiate with terrorists — it is a conviction rooted in an insistent pathologising, not just of extremists, but of the entire “Arab mind”.

...Three years ago, on September 12, 2001, Israeli Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was asked how the previous day’s terror attacks in New York and Washington would affect relations between Israel and the United States. “It's very good,” he said. “Well, not very good, but it will generate immediate sympathy.” The attack, Mr. Netanyahu explained, would “strengthen the bond between our two peoples, because we've experienced terror over so many decades, but the United States has now experienced a massive haemorrhaging of terror.”

...Call it the Likudization of the world, the real legacy of September 11. Let me be absolutely clear: by Likudization, I do not mean that key members of the Bush Administration are working for the interests of Israel at the expense of U.S. interests — the increasingly popular “dual loyalty” argument. What I mean is that on September 11, George W Bush went looking for a political philosophy to guide him in his new role as “War President,” a job for which he was uniquely unqualified. He found that philosophy in the Likud Doctrine, conveniently handed to him ready-made by the ardent Likudniks already ensconced in the White House. No thinking required.

...now the Likudization narrative has spread to Russia. In that same meeting with foreign journalists on Monday, The Guardian reports that President Putin “made it clear he sees the drive for Chechen independence as the spearhead of a strategy by Chechen Islamists, helped by foreign fundamentalists, to undermine the whole of southern Russia and even stir up trouble among Muslim communities in other parts of the country. ‘There are Muslims along the Volga, in Tatarstan and Bashkortostan...This is all about Russia's territorial integrity,’ he said.” It used to be just Israel that was worried about being pushed into the sea.

...If we want to see the future of where the Likud Doctrine leads, we need only follow the guru home, to Israel — a country paralyzed by fear, embracing pariah policies of extrajudicial assassination and illegal settlement, and in furious denial about the brutality it commits daily. It is a nation surrounded by enemies and desperate for friends, a category it narrowly defines as those who ask no questions, while generously offering the same moral amnesty in return. That glimpse at our collective future is the only lesson the world needs to learn from Ariel Sharon.



OK, I can't resist the urge anymore to make the following prediction: within 2 years, it will be confirmed (for all those who wish to know--not many) that an organized conspiracy of American neoconservatives and Israeli Likudniks decided to do everything in their power to aid covertly Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda, with the purpose of bringing about a "Pearl Harbor type-event" that would awaken America to the true threat posed by Islamist extremism. The result of this conpsiracy was the Sept. 11 attacks and the subsequent war on Iraq.

As Klein says above, this is not about Israelis hijacking the U.S. government. This is about fascists in both governments perceiving an absolute identity of interests between them. There is one conspiracy, and it has hijacked both governments (though both governments are, and have long been, sick enough to be vulnerable, to say the least, to such conspiracies). I honestly believe what I'm saying here. Al Qaeda was monitored and their work was covertly facilitated, and the conspiracy, operating out of Douglas Feith's office in the Defense Intelligence Agency, out of the Vice-President's Office, and out of the Mossad, celebrated on Sept. 11, believing that this event would give them license, as Rumsfeld said on that day, to "clean it all up" by prosecuting global anti-Arab war with extreme prejudice.


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