Friday, May 04, 2007


Apropos of speakingcorpse's comment re this story...

Despite (or because of) CNN's status as primary Fecal Reception Filter for the Death Machine (FERF-DAM), the dumbass "Quickvotes" on the CNN homepage almost always reflect Democratic-leaning (which these days means national) opinion in subjects like the Iraq war, Bush's failed presidency, etc.

Given that, the results of the latest "Quickvote" either are or aren't surprising (frankly, despite what I consider to be a pretty robust cynicism, they REALLY surprised me):

Is lethal injection a cruel and unusual punishment?

Yes 19%

No 81%

I would really, really like to establish two alternative universes through which the 49,900 "people" who "voted" "No" would be obliged to pass through before they were permitted to return to this one. In Universe 1, each "person" would be murdered by the government by having poisons injected into his or her veins in the presence of an audience. When that person woke up in Universe 2, he or she would be seated in the audience, watching his/her child be murdered by the government with injectable poisons. Then this "person" would be permitted to return to our "actual" universe and have the option to cast a new electronic ballot in the CNN "Quickvote."

And if anyone out there wants to add an alternative Universe 3--in which the voter must watch his/her family member be murdered by, say, Philip Workman--I say fine, go for it. Give them sub-Universes 1, 2, and 3, in whichever order you want, and then let them re-cast their "vote."


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