Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sadly deluded 

This major report by the Campaign for America's Future tries to convince us that the idea of a conservative America is "a myth." Atrios hails the report as revealing "the truth about this country."

The report's highlights include poll numbers indicating that Americans hold "progressive" positions on the following issues: the economy, health care, the role of government, immigration, and energy.

This was just the way Kerry tried to position himself. Find the "view" of the majority of voters and give them what they want. Hillary is doing the same thing.

This may have worked in the congressional elections, but it won't work at the national level, when the issue is who will be "the leader." It won't work when one prospective leader is promising to cleanse the nation in Arab blood.


And in any case, even if this analysis did foretell a Democratic victory in 2008, its exclusion of precisely that issue--the issue of Arabs being killed by the U.S.--gives away the game.

Americans are indeed "conservative" on that issue, regardless of their position on "the war." (Which war?)

Americans may calmly profess "progressive views" on "domestic issues" to pollsters, but as soon as the possibility of racist murder is broached, a switch is thrown and the American orgy of self-pitying, self-righteous fury begins.

"Progressive views" have nothing to do with the one thing that matters--the hysterical denial and indignation that are at the basis of Giuliani's popularity. His response to Ron Paul in the first debate was perfect:

How dare you suggest that terrorism might be thought about rationally and politically? Don't you know that they hate us for our freedom? Don't you know that they hate us because of who we are? Can't you see that this leaves us no choice? How can you deny that we have to kill them? How can you deny that killing is our only option? Killing is what must be done. I will kill! I promise to kill them for you, and show you the bodies! I promise to kill you, and televise your death! I promise to kill! I promise! I kill! Kill!

A "policy program" is not a response to that. Self-righteous indignation, hysterical denial, and self-pitying rage are intoxicants, or demons. They are not ideas. They are not proposals.

What is needed is some kind of emetic, or antidote, or cure.


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