Monday, July 02, 2007

Badges? We don' need no steenking badges! 

Libby is a free man.

Reporters were unable to reach Libby at his home, but a spokesman said that the convict was experiencing mild disappointment:

"He was hoping to get Thug Life tattooed across his stomach in gothic lettering. Recent developments lead us to believe that he will now have to pay handsomely for the procedure. We will persevere in the face of what we consider a temporary setback, but continue to solicit contributions to the Defense Fund to enable a down-payment on the outline if it comes to that."

UPDATE: Liblogs seem to be upset that the obstruction of justice continues. I find it hard to sympathize. In order for justice to be obstructed it must exist in the first place. As Libby was not sentenced to hang by the neck until dead, I hardly see how the first condition is met.


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