Saturday, July 21, 2007

I am a "wacko" 

And you are, too, I believe...

It behooves us to recognize this fact.

This is in reference to a New York (End)-Times shit-smear about the supporters of Ron Paul, who are depicted as a bunch of "wackos" with irreconcilable differences among themselves. A bunch of left-wing freak-job, right-wing conspiracy-theorist, religious fanatic "wackos" whose smallness and stupidity make them the easy objects of bemused, belittling observation from the lofty perch of the Times offices.

The fact is, there are some crazies in the Paul camp, and there are some major differences between Paul's left- and right-wing supporters. And I admit that I will certainly vote for anyone (Clinton, Bloomberg, Obama, Edwards) who has a chance to defeat Giuliani or Romney.

But none of this changes the fact that all of the major candidates operate within a system that is a relentless death-machine with no goal and no future beyond its own deadly self-perpetuation, and that the Paul campaign reveals a tiny opening--I think the only space--within the death machine's compacted gears and circuitry.

If there is a future, it is with the wackos--and that means the angry left, the libertarians, the former John Birch society members, the "consistent ethic of life" Christians who are against abortion and war, all anarchists and socialists, the dissatisfied former interns at the Cato Institute, the silly kids at UFPJ-sponsored protests, etc., etc. Something has to bring them (us) together.


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