Thursday, July 05, 2007

so listen up cuz ya can't say nothin' 


Tonight (June 25) we, a group of autonomous women activists, have protested against the Akerstein Company and its support for the Separation Wall. We have acted at the Akerstein sales center at Herzlia Pituach - we have inserted fast-drying glue into the locks of several entrance doors, sprayed red stains on the outer walls and hanged on the walls posters with the text reproduced below.

Text of the posters:

In recent years the Akerstein Company has turned itself into the sub-contractor of the Apartheid policy enacted by the State of Israel. The company derives enormous profits from the Israeli tax-payer`s money for building a Separation Fence of which large parts lie within the territory of the Palestinian Authority and lead directly to robbing Palestinian inhabitants of their livelihood, the starving of hundreds of thousands, the deprivation of their freedom of movement and the annexation of their lands to Israeli settlements.

The responsibility for this dangerous policy does not lie solely upon the Government of Israel and its security forces, but also upon private companies which fill their pockets with profits derived from state crimes. The directors, workers and customers of Akerstein must know that it is impossible to divide the `legitimate` production of tiles and roofs, for the glory of the Israeli homes, from the activity of the same company beyond the Green Line - an activity involving the denial to rural population of access to hospitals, a severe damage to the educational system and breaking up the fabric of family and social life in a considerable part of the Palestinian territories.

We call upon the Akerstein directors to wake up swiftly and recognize their responsibility for a dangerous and corrupt policy of violating human rights and damaging civil and family life. The only possible conclusion of such an reappraisal must be to stop their contribution to building the Separation Wall and putting their moral duty ahead of financial profit.

Not a bad idea. Whoever is building the US/Mexico Wall should be locked in as well.


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