Monday, August 20, 2007

The Psycho Archipelago 

News item from 2007:

As Democracy Push Falters, Bush Feels Like a 'Dissident'

By the time he arrived in Prague in June for a democracy conference, President Bush was frustrated. He had committed his presidency to working toward the goal of "ending tyranny in our world," yet the march of freedom seemed stalled. Just as aggravating was the sense that his own government was not committed to his vision.

As he sat down with opposition leaders from authoritarian societies around the world, he gave voice to his exasperation. "You're not the only dissident," Bush told Saad Eddin Ibrahim, a leader in the resistance to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. "I too am a dissident in Washington. Bureaucracy in the United States does not help change. It seems that Mubarak succeeded in brainwashing them."

It continues for five more pages.

At some point in the middle of imagining a world in which Hosni Mubarak had brainwashed the Federal Civil Service my mind must have began it's emergency shut-down sequence. I got to the middle of page two before the darkness came.

$50 to anyone who can make it all the way through.


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