Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dispatches from Togus 

So yesterday the US government declared that a branch of a sovereign nation's military forces is a "terrorist organization". Thus another flagstone in the path to an attack on Iran is laid in front of the Senate vote and the House vote, both confirming Iran's status as enemy of the state and accusing it of acts of war against the US.

So its all set. It is unanimously agreed by our rulers that Iran is a mortal threat, that total fictions about its behavior are part of the Congressional record, and now with its military designated a terrorist organization, an attack can be brought under the legal umbrella provided by the AUMF. The legalisms are in place. The public mind is nearing the appropriate saturation level of demonizing propaganda, thanks to the the NY Times among others. The only thing that's needed is an act of violence which can be plausibly be supplied as a pretext. The CIA is hard at work on that front no doubt.

Thus the US gears up for its second war of aggression within the decade amidst a backdrop of expanded police state powers, torture, gulags, and a genocidal occupation of a sovereign nation. All nice, clean, and legal-like...at least under US law. Surely when the attack comes, no one of national prominence will have a leg to stand on to oppose it, legally or morally. Just as surely when the retaliation comes, and many Americans die, the country will unite as they bay for blood, and opposition will completely evaporate or be suppressed without comment.

In light of all this, I've got a question for the sane people: What's it gonna take?

How many countries have to be attacked? How many prisoners have to be tortured and indefinitely detained? How many people's minds and lives have to be destroyed? How many letters of your sacred Constitution have to be dead? How many elections have to be stolen? How many mandates have to be ignored? How much of your money has to be plundered? How much a mockery of your ideals has to be made? How many times does your hope in the so-called opposition have to be betrayed? How many war-crimes have to be committed with your support?

What would the US government have to do to get you to admit that "the system" is bankrupt? Who do they have to start killing or locking up? What would have to happen before you said to yourself, "y'know, this isn't a democracy in any meaningful sense of the word." Where is the line that they could cross and you would say, "this far and no further"? At what point would you withdraw the consent of the governed?

How far does someone's dick have to be up your ass before you realize you are getting fucked?

All except the last are serious questions. I'm not asking rhetorically, I really want to know. Where is the line for the sane people? What are the substantial commitments of the sane?

So sane people, sound off in the comments! Let us know where you stand! Or if you stand at all! Shout the limits of the depravity you will accept from the rooftops! Let it all hang out! Go nuts, sane people!


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