Monday, August 20, 2007

Liberal Arts? 

Has everyone checked out Newsweek's "College Guide '08," featuring the 25 Hottest Schools???

Well, if you want to receive a really HOTTT education beginning this autumn, you may not be heading to Cambridge or New Haven, but rather to scenic Socorro, New Mexico:

Hottest in the War on Terror
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, Socorro, N.M.

New Mexico Tech, in a friendly desert town an hour south of Albuquerque, has reduced admissions red tape while quietly building, with a flood of federal dollars, one of the prime research centers for fighting the War on Terror. It is in some ways the Los Alamos of a new age, this time focusing on searching suitcases and disabling roadside explosives rather than building the A-bomb. The school boasts a stylish collection of historic buildings with red tile roofs and a lush 18-hole golf course.

The online version of this story unfortunately doesn't include the photo of the two students peering into some sort of bomb-detonation chamber, evidently located adjacent to the golf course.


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