Saturday, August 18, 2007

Only one Bush twin left 

You probably heard that Jenna Bush is engaged.

But have you seen this actual, unretouched photograph of the couple?

The AP reports that the rouged corpse in that photo is MBA student Henry Hager, 29.
Hager, who has been a White House aide and worked on Bush's re-election campaign, is the son of John and Maggie Hager of Richmond, Va. His father is chairman of the Republican Party in Virginia, former assistant secretary of the Education Department's office of special education, former lieutenant governor of Virginia and former director of Virginia's Office of Commonwealth Preparedness.
The same article also provides a rundown of the Bush twins' past misdeeds, such as the arrests for underage drinking, and also adds:
And Jenna, full of spunk, was photographed sticking her tongue out at the media during a campaign stop in Missouri in 2004.
I guess they meant "moxie." But you never know.


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