Saturday, September 29, 2007

MoveOn and the Monks 

Warning: I am about to advocate two loathsomely passive and probably ineffectual "liberal" actions, which may incur the wrath of some readers here. But...

After years of not only not donating to but systematically deleting the emails of MoveOn.org, I've finally begun paying attention again. Any organization that earns a formal condemnation from the U.S. Senate has earned my admiration and a little of my money too.

They've got a petition going about the Burmese monks, whose slaughter and abuse this week has been incredibly sad to read about. Having to hear Bush "praise" the monks makes the whole thing even more depressing and infuriating, and there's probably no act that leaves one feeling more pathetic than signing a fucking e-petition...but whatever. Here's the petition.

And here's where I donated.


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