Thursday, November 29, 2007

coup in real-time 

Counterpunch is reporting:

On November 26, 2007 the Venezuelan government broadcast and circulated a confidential memo from the US embassy to the CIA which is devastatingly revealing of US clandestine operations and which will influence the referendum this Sunday, December 2, 2007.

The memo sent by an embassy official, Michael Middleton Steere, was addressed to the Director of Central Intelligence, Michael Hayden. The memo was entitled 'Advancing to the Last Phase of Operation Pincer' and updates the activity by a CIA unit with the acronym 'HUMINT' (Human Intelligence) which is engaged in clandestine action to destabilize the forth-coming referendum and coordinate the civil military overthrow of the elected Chavez government. The Embassy-CIA's polls concede that 57 per cent of the voters approved of the constitutional amendments proposed by Chavez but also predicted a 60 per cent abstention.

The memo goes on in detail. A quick scan of Google news shows that none of the mainstream news outlets is talking about this, just the usual anti-Chavez hysteria and distortions. No surprise there. As far as I can tell only Stan Goff at HuffPo has also picked it up.

The referendum is this Sunday. We won't have to wait long to find out if the memo is authentic.


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