Sunday, December 23, 2007

WaPo Reader Reaches Moment of Truth 

I happened to catch this brief letter to the editor in yesterday's WaPo; it made me almost nostalgic:

Why, exactly, am I subscribing to your newspaper?

Again, a little post-debate chart counted up words used by candidates. The Dec. 14 chart, on Page A4, informed me that Sen. Joe Biden "mentioned these words" -- Bush, three times; education, five times, etc. Other candidates were treated similarly.

I can't stand it anymore. Why would I care about this? What information are you imparting to me from which I can make a rational judgment?

-- Alex Machina


It's true that even to glance at the front of that newspaper is to receive brain damage. For instance, when I glanced at the WaPo homepage tonight, and saw this "headline"--

Libertarians Pursue Happiness

--and endured a small amount of damage to my mind.


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