Wednesday, December 12, 2007

when rich white kids attack 

With that headline, hopefully Fox will pick this up...

A Spanish journalist has cobbled together a brief documentary about the Venezuelan student movement, its funding sources and right-wing, sometimes openly fascist allies (awk-ward!), and the other side of the "crazy gun-wielding Chavista students" story. It turns out the Venezuelan students are directly analagous to the US anti-war students of the '60's who were also children of privilege as well as heavily funded and trained by foreign governments and corporatist political parties. The wheel of history comes full circle!

Unfortunately I can't embed the video, (what is this, 2006?) but you can view it here. The doc originally aired on TeleSur, the Chavez-created pan-American lefty news channel. Embarrassing expose of right-wing corporate student movement? Or pro-Chavez propaganda? Or both?! Sure beats reading anyway!


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