Monday, January 21, 2008

Back from the dead? 

No--because he is still dead, and he was never gone.

The media seem to be buying the Giuliani line entirely.

The Washington Post front-page headline says the GOP is only now readying for "the true test" in Florida. Up to now has been meaningless, they say. The winner of Florida will be the GOP nominee. McCain is not the frontrunner.

Note: the GOP machine hates McCain. They love Giuliani. They want blood. McCain of course is out for blood. He is a demented maniac. But the GOP machine loves Giuliani, as he is clearly the candidate of 9-11/Apocalypse.

Giuliani is basically polling even in Florida. Florida is a place where large-scale fraud has been successfully perpetrated, in both 2000 and 2004. The GOP powers will try to stop McCain, by any means necessary.

This sounds crazy, as Giuliani has made a total fool of himself up to this point; but don't count him out. The 9/11 jester, the blood-drenched clown, could still be turned back into the apocalyptic horseman.


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