Friday, January 25, 2008


Some may have noticed a disjunction between the widespread excitement, in much of the liberal establishment and blogosphere, about the prospects for a Dem victory this fall.  A recent video from MoveOn's Eli Pariser cautioning members that we can't expect an automatic victory only underscores the expectation of a victory.

I'm assuming this is because George W. Bush is demonstrably the most unpopular president in the history of the United States; every one of his policies, actions and attributes is opposed or disliked by majorities of Americans, and has been for years now.

And yet Bush isn't running for president.  Can the Dem candidate run against Bush?

Can the Dem candidate convince voters that John McFuck--his sacred cage-torture-induced-lunacy notwithstanding--is not "not" Bush, is not "other than" Bush?

I have read post after post on the blogs, gloating about the implosion of the Giuliani campaign and snarkily rooting on Fuckabee and Rombot.  But I have yet to read one post addressing the problem of the grim polling information concerning John McShit.


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