Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The proverb goes 

This comes to us courtesy of The Fixin's Bar, who resides in the UK:

And this comes to us by way of a spam email from a certain "SJB": 

Like in the witchery, at her age of 61 years old Senator Hillary RODHAM CLINTON is to become overnight a candidate for a change, pulling a rabbit out of her hat. This can happen only in the witchcraft that she and her husband William J. CLINTON, former President reportedly believe in and practice. This is what comes up in the Google search under words of their names, witchcraft, satanic and/or Shamanism, subject to easy verification. The proverb goes that an old dog cannot learn new tricks. The final say belongs to the American people, casting their votes in primaries.

It only gets more interesting from there.

I have only these observations to make:

1) Don't count out Clinton's candidacy yet.

2) Huckabee will not be the GOP candidate.


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