Monday, January 21, 2008


I had planned to watch only the first hour of the CNN/South Carolina/CBC/Martin Luther King/Democratic debate tonight -- it was imperative to switch over at 9:00 to watch the sexy robot on Fox's new Terminator TV series -- but in the end I found it impossible even to bear the telecast for half an hour. I have never seen anything on television that left me feeling so brutalized and weakened. After watching Hillary repeat, again and again, with increasing shrillness and violence, her patently false and unbelievable assertion that Obama had praised the ideology and economic values of Ronald Reagan, I actually found it a relief to be watching the events of tonight's episode of "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles," which included not only the forcible removal of a man's eyeballs by a malevolent cyborg (the man was still alive at the time) but also the suicide of a teenage girl in front of a jeering crowd.

I don't know what to say about Hillary. She obviously wants to be the Democratic nominee far more than either of her opponents, which on the surface -- but only on the surface -- is the reason why she is now trying to destroy Obama personally. Tonight she struck me as wanting to destroy Obama not as a means to winning delegates but as an end in itself. I was going to suggest that perhaps the "Hillary Clinton" we saw on TV tonight was actually a cyborg sent from the dystopic Republican-cyborg dominated future to kill Obama, but even that is too good for her since it implies there is a purpose to her actions. What I saw was more like a rabid dog. Maybe I'm too sensitive, or maybe I favor Obama even more than I realized (I gave him $50), but that's how I saw it.

Does Hillary Clinton really not understand that she is going to lose the general election? Does that even matter to her?

I don't know how anyone could feel sympathy when that woman cried in New Hampshire. She is a remorseless automaton.


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