Thursday, January 10, 2008


I think it's worth noting again just how sad and depressing Clinton's saying "I found my own voice" is.

Not because it's phony (which it mostly is); not because it's practically absurd in a situation where these candidates have to repeat these exact same speeches--with "emotion"--over and over and over again for literally years in order to win office.

It's depressing because in the current situation, "finding one's voice" would be a moral act requiring the political equivalent of the candidate falling on her sword, or gouging out her own eyes on camera.  It would require martyrdom at the hands of Chris Matthews and Andrea Mitchell, which must be worse than breaking on the wheel or boiling in oil.

And remember, according to the age-old speakingcorpse standard of value in proportion to media sadism, Clinton has not only earned this nomination and the presidency many, many times over, but should actually be sainted.  (Given that Mark Foley, Gary Condit, and Michael Jackson have reportedly dropped out of the race.)

Just adding speakingcorpse's comment, for the record:

Clinton really has reached a nadir/pinnacle in endurance of media savagery--a new amcop standard.

I'm not sure if this goes without saying or not, but Clinton has arrived at this hallowed point--has attained to being pierced on this pinion--through her own active collaboration with the torture mechanism. She is truly in the penal colony. Her claim to have found her voice is her acceptance of all of the brutality as necessary and justified, her claim to have been rehabilitated by the punishment, her pathetic assertion that she has finally learned her lesson--which is really only the declaration that she she wants and needs further abasement.


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