Friday, February 29, 2008

As long as it's "holocaust" with a small "h", it is justifiable 

Israel has been bombing its million-person prison camp. The bombs have killed 33 restive prisoners in the last two days. The deputy defense minister of the Israeli terror state has warned that Palestinians risk bringing a "shoah" upon themselves. "Shoah" is the word used in Hebrew for the Holocaust.

See the BBC coverage here.

Is the deputy defense minister threatening to exterminate all of the Palestinians? Is he threatening to turn the Gaza concentration camp into an extermination camp?

Maybe. But don't worry. A Gaza "holocaust" would be justifiable, as long as it did not become a "Holocaust." And how could it? There are only one million people in Gaza. Even if they were all killed, that would still be infinitely less than the number killed by the Nazis.

So--no worries!


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