Sunday, February 10, 2008

Definitely "Weird" 

...that last night the Washington State GOP

a) stopped releasing caucus returns with 87% reporting; then
b) declared McCain, who at that point was leading by 1.8% over Huckabee, to be the winner of the caucus; then
c) announced that as far as that additional 13% was concerned, we could eat shit, it wasn't forthcoming.

I'm sure on Monday they'll have something that "clears up" this confusion.

But it's worth noting that in some elections, 1.8% can be an insurmountable lead and legitimate reason to call an election; in Washington state (where the Republican turnout is a fraction of the Dem turnout, as it is everywhere else) that 1.8% constitutes 242 votes over Huckabee.


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