Friday, February 01, 2008


from the comments section of the new TSA blog:

How many shoe bombs have you found?


A few years back I got a nasty plantar wart from walking barefoot in my upscale health club. Very painful to have treated. The idea of getting another from the barfoot thing at the airport--well, it boggles the mind.

I traveled through the Miami airport in December and was forced to walk barefoot following a man with OPEN SORES ON HIS FEET--that is right I had to step in the pus from another human being.

Is there not a point where the government is ashamed to treat its citizens like animals? (A: no --scats)

wait til some idiot hides a bomb in his/her underwear.

I think you seriously need to stop stealing toiletries from people.

Why they have to take my toothpaste is beyond me. All they have to do is one the lid and smell

Since when is 3 ounces = 100 milliliters? How about 3.4 ounces.

the whole 3 oz thing? Get over it. If someone needs 4.5 oz of something for 'evil' purposes won't people just split it across 2 containers.

I myself am composed of 50-65% water.

anyone wanting to blow up the plan could fill certain of their body cavities with enough explosives to down a plane. Terrorists should float the rumor that they're going to do just that. TSA's reaction would be to do body cavity searches on all travelers.

TSA has to understand that a bottle of Aquafina is not a credible threat to security.

There are no magic MacGuyver liquids that you can mix in the bathroom and blow up the plane.

At least we dont have the military standing around with AK-47's providing security as in some 3rd world countries, where if you cause any kind of problem you are taken away and interrogated and may not get a chance to leave for days.

Could you buy some Red Bull for the TSA agents at Atlanta? It is the laziest bunch of people I have ever seen.

After the horrors of 911 most people realize we must relinquish our personal freedoms to protect the common good. Some people will react negatively to the rules that dictate air safety, but TSA is doing a fine job protecting America.

When you treat my small, blond children and myself like common criminals, you are not protecting the public, you are just abusing power.

Don't like long airport lines or those bothersome searches? Don't like the excessive time it now takes to get a passport? Go ahead and blame a federal employee. After all, they caused these inconveniences,didn't they? The correct answer is NO! Put the blame where it belongs: RADICAL ISLAM. Almost none of these problems existed until this DISEASE reared its violent head.

I'm a TSO at Chicago O'hare. These searches are, in fact, legal. Read up on the Patriot Act. Our searches are Administrative Searches, which are exempt from the Fourth Admendment.

I have in two separate occasions gotten onto the plane with a knife in my pocket. Not on purpose of course.

The biggest inconsistency I deal with is this: We take off our shoes, but not our shirts, not our pants, not our underwear, not our socks. Why?

I'm a Department of Defence contractor who flies frequently between the U.S. and the Middle East, and I'm usually in uniform...What is WRONG with you people? WEare the ones on the REAL front line. Not you.


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