Wednesday, February 06, 2008

the field 

Al Giordano of Narco News has been doing excellent analysis over at The Field. Worth keeping an eye on:

A few straggling votes out there are yet to be counted, but the grand total when primary and caucus voters are added together is:

Clinton: 7,186,853 (48.78%)
Obama: 7,142,354 (48.48%)
Edwards: (2.74%)

Considering that the polls were saying, even yesterday, that there was an overal 50 percent to 30 lead for Clinton in all Tsunami Tuesday states combined, that’s quite a comeback for Obama. And more important than fighting to a virtual tie over delegates and the popular vote, even more important than the psychological win of gaining more states than his rival, the top story today is that he made her spend her entire campaign chest - more than a year of fundraising - in yesterday’s states and now begins a march through the next ones flush and relentless with a commanding ability to deploy field staff and pay for television ads while the rival needs to take the gas can to the petrol station and beg for credit to get to the next stop.

What I mean to say is, look now for Clinton to loan her campaign a few million just to stay politically alive.


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