Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hi! I fucked John McCain! 

Meet lobbyist Vicki Iseman, 40, who had sexual intercourse with John McCain in exchange for official favors during his 2000 presidential campaign. Or so McCain's own campaign believes.

WASHINGTON — Early in Senator John McCain's first run for the White House eight years ago, waves of anxiety swept through his small circle of advisers.

A female lobbyist had been turning up with him at fund-raisers, in his offices and aboard a client’s corporate jet. Convinced the relationship had become romantic, some of his top advisers intervened to protect the candidate from himself — instructing staff members to block the woman’s access, privately warning her away and repeatedly confronting him, several people involved in the campaign said on the condition of anonymity.

When news organizations reported that Mr. McCain had written letters to government regulators on behalf of the lobbyist’s clients, the former campaign associates said, some aides feared for a time that attention would fall on her involvement.

Mr. McCain, 71, and the lobbyist, Vicki Iseman, 40, both say they never had a romantic relationship.

I completely believe McCain. I'm sure there was no romance in their purely transactional sexual relationship whatsoever. Let's be clear. She's 40 NOW. So in 2000 he was 63 and she was 32. That shit is gross!

I guess it's swell and all that Cindy McCain got all that plastic surgery and just gosh-all loves her country and shit, but unless she wants to put her husband back in the cage he'll still slip around trading favors for sex. Will this break up the McCain/Clinton '08 ticket?

By the way, Lou Dobbs is losing his mind on CNN about this story right now.


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