Wednesday, February 13, 2008

McCain "Explains" 

Everyone knows that the rules of campaign coverage in this decade state that the candidate who always finds himself "explaining" and "clarifying" some remark that has been seized upon by his opponent will soon find himself marked for death by the media.

Well, here's 'Splaining McCain's totally awesome retort on the "100 year war" thing:

“Anyone who worries about how long we’re in Iraq does not understand the military and does not understand war,” said McCain. He then added that it is “really almost insulting to one’s intelligence” to question “how long we’re in Iraq” because he believes the current “strategy” is “succeeding.”
Yeah, buddy, that'll put it to rest.

Then, also today, McCain completely obliterated Barack Obama once and for all when he dropped this total fucking bomb:

Responding to a question about Mr. Obama’s campaign so far, Mr. McCain said that the Illinois Democrat’s speeches have been “singularly lacking in specifics” . . .

Oh man, Obama! How could you forget the specifics!? Don't you know how much American voters love zillion-point plans and policy briefings and shit? Has "Black Osama" even been to the sort of salt-of-the-earth blue collar domestic-pilsner-drinking establishments to which American voters are so partial (I mean has Obama been there for purposes other than scouting for his next Muslim terrorist mission)? If so he would have noticed all the crusty veterans and hardscrabble soy farmers poring over the latest issue of the Congressional Record while waiting for the latest white paper to come out.

Dude, it's gonna be curtains for Obama now.


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