Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Television and Newspapers Continue to Suck; also People 

I'm really not sure why everyone called California for Hillary at 15% counted, considering that moments later in Missouri, with 98% reporting, Obama took the lead.  He will now win the state and the Associated Press will have to retract its calling of the state for Hillary.

At any rate, Hillary may well win California, despite Obama's evidently having won among both whites and blacks.

The delegate count, it seems, will be evenly divided.  Obama will have done very well--not fantasy-come-true well, but more than well enough to keep fighting the Democratic Suicide Machine, which this year happens to be fronted by Hillary Clinton (an otherwise admirable woman who would make a fine president).

Also, it's my birthday.

Also, I'm putting my money where my mouth is, and just donated $47 to Obama.  Please do the same tonight, if you support his campaign.


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