Wednesday, March 12, 2008

another take 

sent in by my friend j-No:

there is nothing the corporate media likes better than a good sex scandal. it provides fantastic grist for passionate oped pieces from both allies and enemies as well as fans of more legislation and harsher punishments or conversely, legalization and regulation of prostitution.

but never are public dialogs opened on more basic issues like the wisdom of monogamy, the validity of marriage as an institution, and state regulation of sex as a commodity. that these issues and the continuing hypocritical and schizophrenic cultural and religious obsession/repression of sexuality may contribute to the perpetuation of prostitution, pornography, sexism and other forms of exploitation and violence is never examined.

as many politicians have claimed, marriage is the foundation of society (read: state), therefore the danger in questioning it publicly is that both church and state are exposed as failed enterprises which should have been cast off centuries ago.


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