Friday, March 14, 2008


I guess it's not surprising that the dumbest voices in the "left-wing" media--such as Air America Radio's noxious Randi Rhodes--were on the air today strenuously denouncing Rev. Wright.

Rhodes' main points?  That Wright had committed the sin of "mixing" "religion" with "politics"--as though the irrational, uncontrollable Id of "religious" discourse messy, mean-spirited Id of "political" discourse might infect the sane, rational, democratic "political" discourse pure, sanctified, inviolable space of "religious" discourse we enjoy in this nation, preached daily from secular pulpits like Rhodes' studio.

Of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Randi asserted that he always delivered his political speeches from places like "the steps of the Capitol," and was always sure to be "inspirational" and "unifying" rather than "divisive."

Almost literally: Rev. Wright a scary black man; Dr. King a low key Negro.


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