Thursday, March 06, 2008


Those of you who aren't distressed by the ascendancy of Hillary Clinton are not understanding what is going on here.

The expressions of anger at Hillary (with which I am entirely in sympathy, I admit) are really beside the point.

Hillary is going to lose.

She is going to lose. And NOT because she's a woman, NOT because she's divisive, NOT because the media will conspire against her.

She is going to lose because she is going to run as "strong on national security."

This is what Kerry did (absurdly, while attempting, for the majority of the campaign, not to mention Iraq and instead to remind us of his service in the shit).

This is very, very, very, very, very, very, very simple. When Democrats run as "strong on national security," they are accepting the terms dictated to them by Republicans.

This means that the outcome of the debate is decided in advance. National security used to mean murdering blacks; then it meant napalming gooks; now it means blowing up Arabs. Everyone knows that Republicans like doing these things more than Democrats.

No matter how many Arabs Hillary Clinton promises to kill, no one will believe her. Even if she flies her campaign jet to Baghdad and drops a "Hillary '08" bunker-buster on Nasiriya, she will convince no one that she is a natural-born Arab killer.

Furthermore--and more importantly--the very act of running on "national security" is capitulation. It announces that she, like Kerry, is submitting to Republican extortion and demagoguery. The more a Democrat harps on security--no matter what he or she actually says--the more loudly is he or she heard to be screaming, "I am a faggot-assed-pussy; fuck me."


This was just as true for John Kerry as it is true for Hillary Clinton. Her vagina has nothing to do with it. It is a question of gender, not sex.

Democrats are the bend-over party, and they ask to be fukd every time they start trying to show they have big dicks.

The strap-on stands precisely for what is not there.


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