Monday, March 10, 2008

Hillary as Clipperton 

In case anyone missed Larry David's bit at HuffPo:

How is it that she became the one who's perceived as more equipped to answer that 3 a.m. call than the unflappable Obama? He, with the ice in his veins, who doesn't panic when he's losing or get too giddy when he's winning, who's as comfortable in his own skin as she's uncomfortable in hers. There have been times in this campaign when she seemed so unhinged that I worried she'd actually kill herself if she lost. Every day, she reminds me more and more of Adele H., who also had an obsession that drove her insane.

A few weeks ago, I started to feel sorry for her. Oh Christ, let her win already...Who cares...It's not worth it. There's not that much difference between them. She can have it. Anything to avoid watching her descend into madness. So I switched. I started rooting for her. It wasn't that hard. Compromise comes easy to me. I was on board.

And then I saw the ad.

Now she's re-dissing the caucuses and threatening to go after pledged delegates.

I'm starting to be reminded of the character "Clipperton" from David Foster Wallace's novel Infinite Jest.  Clipperton was a junior tennis player who would play his matches while holding a gun to his own head, in case he lost.  He won a lot of matches for a while.


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