Saturday, March 08, 2008

More fukking 

My main point is that anyone who can be SEEN to be strapping on a cock is announcing that they don't have one -- that they are (in the logic of TV and white males) pussies or faggots.

I make no apologies for that language. I believe this is a precise point, not a joke.

My problem with Hillary is not that she has a vagina. And I have no problem with gays and/or submissive men or anyone else who likes to bend over. (I make no profession of my own proclivities, one way or another.)

My problem is that if you lack political skill, you can be SEEN to be putting on a cock, and when you are SEEN to be doing this, you are, quite objectively, SEEN to be saying that you NEED to strap one on because you don't have the "thing" already.

Hillary may not be running entirely on national security.

But McCain will be, and if Hillary answers him by saying, "me too," she will be SEEN to be a pussy. (In just this way, John Kerry was seen as a pussy when he walked onto the DNC stage and said, "reporting for duty"; the objective meaning of these words was, "I am here to be fucked," or, "I am here to be sexually dominated by bullying white men who like guns and buy dick pumps.")

Hillary may think she can avoid falling into this trap. She isn't focusing on national security.

But she is showing -- with the "monstrous" commander-in-chief bullshit, with the turban bullshit, with the denounce-Farrakhan bullshit, with the phone-call in the middle of the night bullshit -- that she is still speaking McCain's national security language. She is going to attempt to say, "I'm as good as McCain is at killing; I'll bomb, too; I hate Arabs, even though the Iraq war has been a fuck-up." And then she'll try to talk about something else.

But every one of those statements is, objectively, a clear announcement that she is afraid and ready to lose (i.e., bend over).

Obama, as Abote says, is better because he can touch on national security issues in a totally different way. He promises hope, he rejects the war, he speaks like a minister, he offers an image of "spiritual authority."

Now, this is bullshit, too, you may say. Fine. It is--and it is also strapping on a cock. He's trying to look like a grave, disciplined, cool, authoritative MAN.

But he straps it on more skillfully and discreetly than Hillary. And he does it in a way that is DIFFERENT from McCain. As long as a Democrat just mimics the Republican "strap-on strategy", the Democrat -- because he or she is mimicking -- can be SEEN to be strapping it on.

And that invites a fucking.


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