Saturday, March 15, 2008

Not Election; Not Bush; Still Death 

Let today mark the day that developers in New York City went from metaphorical to literal murderers. You don't have to be sympathetic to the Upper East Side to recognize and fear the impossibly tall cranes that have dotted our city for the last decade (as well as many other cities-- I was recently in Buenos Aires and the same thing was happening), erecting tasteless trash-o-futuristic yuppie dwellings as quickly as possible.

Well, now there is a stain on Bloomberg, who for all of his much-vaunted pragmatism has also furthered the Guilianian project of unfettered development and the expulsion of the middle and working class. Not that anyone is going to see it that way.

By the way, on the subject of development, it is worth mentioning that Mike Davis, a renowned urbanist, believes that we may have already passed the point at which there are more people worldwide in cities than outside of them. Scary stuff.


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